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Monday, January 22, 2018

How to call a telephone extension from any Apple device

To call a telephone extension by skipping the recording of options, it is possible if we have it configured from Contacts in our iPhone. This will save us from listening to the recordings of the switchboards and go directly to the specific department.
This trick is really useful if we always make the same call repeatedly, in this way, we will not have to waste time listening to a voice offering all the available options if we already know which one we want to access.
To do this, we will save the phone number in Contacts , but adding the extension. This trick is really simple and will be very useful.

Save the phone extension in Contacts

How to call a telephone extension from any Apple device
  1. Open the Contacts
  2. Click on Add new contact (+)
  3. Fill in the fields that you think are convenient (Name, last name, company ...)
  4. In Phone , enter the number you want to call
  5. When you finish, press the key (+ * #)
  6. Select Wait
  7. Add the corresponding extension
Ready, that's how fast and simple this trick is. From now on, whenever you want to call a switchboard, you will skip the phrase to go to the corresponding department.

Call from an iPad or Mac

Make phone calls with WiFi devices to a specific extension
If we have a Mac, an iPod touch, Apple Watch or an iPad associated with our iCloud account and connected to the same WiFi network of our iPhone , we can also make a phone call.
If we want to give permissions only to certain devices , we have the option to configure them with the option of Calls in other nearby devices. We simply have to perform these steps.
  1. Click on Settings
  2. Enter Mobile data
  3. Select Calls on other devices
  4. Enable Allow on other devices
  5. Select the devices you want
Thanks to this function, we can maintain a telephone conversation from any device without needing to have our iPhone nearby. Of course, we can also make a call by skipping the extensions of the switchboards from our Mac, Apple Watch, iPod or iPad .

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