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Friday, January 26, 2018

How to know if an iPhone is blocked by iCloud

If you are going to buy a second-hand iPhone, we'll show you if it's blocked by iCloud or not.
The second market offers an amount of iPhone of all kinds, we look for interesting offers that can alleviate the blow of buying a new terminal, but before the bargains, we must be alert.
Therefore, it is not bad to know if an iPhone is blocked by iCloud to not buy an expensive paperweight, of course, also to avoid buying a stolen device.

Apple can tell us if an iPhone is blocked by iCloud

Although it is not a system oriented as such, this method can be used perfectly to detect if an iPhone is blocked by iCloud.
  • We enter the Apple website
  • We click on Support
  • We select iPhone
  • Now we turn to Repair Options
  • Click on Request a repair
  • Of all the options, we turn to Repairs and physical damage
ICloud lock Enter serial number
  • We select a reason for repair
  • We introduce our Apple ID
  • In this window (below), we  introduce the IMEI
ICloud lock Enter serial number
If the iPhone is blocked by iCloud , a message similar to "Sorry, but you can not create a repair while the device is locked" will appear .
As the message indicates, that terminal may be stolen , hence the price is so low. Possibly the seller tells us that he does not remember the password or that it is from a relative with the same problem.
Before buying an iPhone, it is advisable to ask for the ticket or purchase invoice to verify that, in fact, it is a legitimate iPhone and not stolen. Many of these cases usually use the phishing method to eliminate the iCloud block, so it will be harder to detect if it is stolen or not. Here we tell you how to be prepared against phishing .
Steal iPhone receives message
Unfortunately, the iPhone is a very sweet terminal that usually has a quick exit in the second-hand market, so we must avoid at all costs buy one that we suspect could be stolen.
So you know, before buying a bargain, better check if that iPhone is blocked by iCloud with this simple method.

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