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Thursday, January 4, 2018

How to turn your iPhone into a metal detector

Your iPhone is the ultimate tool . With this small device you can do things that you could not have imagined years ago, and while time passes, there are many more functions that it offers.
Today we bring you a way to turn your iPhone into a metal detector. You never know where there could be something valuable hidden underground, and thanks to your mobile you can find it .

Find treasures with your iPhone

This is possible thanks to the inclusion of a magnetometer from the iPhone 3GS on Apple's iOS devices. Therefore, we can measure the strength of the magnetic fields around us.
Thanks to this, here we will leave two applications with which you can turn your iPhone into a metal detector . Despite having enough time in the App Store, both have managed to maintain a positive score and have users who use them satisfied.

Metal Detector

With this application you will be able to track every small metal that is under any surface. Whether you are looking for a coin in a bowl of soup, a ring in a pile of clothes, or any other scenario, you will be able to find them using the Metal Detector app.
Yes, developers have clarified that only serves to detect magnetic metals , such as nickel, iron, steel, cobalt, among others.
It is surprising the amount of positive reviews that have on the part of the users, so if you want to take a look to test their potential, here we leave the link to the App Store for you to download.


If you want a metal detection application a little more advanced than the previous one , iSmartDetect is perfect for you.
The tools with which this application provides us are much more powerful, in addition, we can mark the location of the objects that we have found in our way. An authentic wonder.
The application is paid , so if you want to have it on your mobile you will have to take out of your pocket the small amount of 10.99 euros. Here we leave the link for you to download.
As you can see, your iPhone can serve many more purposes than you imagine. If you always dreamed of being a treasure hunter, these apps will help you fulfill your mission.

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