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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How to use the keys in macOS to perform fast functions

Keyboard shortcuts or quick functions , is a solution to save us some time when performing actions that we repeat on a daily basis simply by pressing a series of keys.
In addition, we also have quick functions for the macOS itself, not only for applications. So it will not be necessary to use in mouse or trackpad in a good number of occasions.

Quick function keys and shortcuts

Keyboard, quick action keys
The keys that activate the quick functions are represented by a symbol on our keyboard. We remind you that there are specific keyboards for Windows and for Mac . If you are using a specific keyboard for Windows, you will have the keys in a different order.
• Command ⌘
• Capital letters ⇧
• Option ⌥
• Control ^
• Lock Uppercase ⇪
• Fn
Those 6 keys , will help us with shortcuts and quick functions. Thanks to them and to the combination of another additional key, we have the opportunity to carry out habitual actions, such as cutting, copying or pasting.
For the system , macOS has a series of quick functions to force the restart of the Mac, put the screen to sleep, close all applications and restart the Mac , close all applications and automatically turn off or close our account of user.
If we work a lot with text documents , there are quick functions that suppress the visual properties that we find in the toolbar, from putting a letter in bold, underlining a text or looking for misspelled words, among other more options.
The Finder also has its section of quick functions with keyboard. We have the opportunity to duplicate selected files, open Spotlight, open a folder, open iCloud Drive, view the folders that contain a folder and many other options.
Of course, there are many functions to be learned by heart, but if you use the ones you need the most on a day-to-day basis, in the end you will remember it naturally and you will be able to expand them to apply them in your day-to-day life.
If you want to know all the keyboard shortcuts for quick functions , on this Apple website , you have a list with all of them so you can start using them at any time.

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