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Thursday, January 25, 2018

iMessage will be synchronized with iCloud on iOS 11.3

After installing the beta of developers of iOS 11.3 , we found several interesting developments, one of them is the synchronization of iMessage in iCloud .
This measure will be optional, if we go to the iCloud section from Settings , we will see that we have two options, leave it as we have used it until today or become part of iCloud .
In the second option, we will have a similar operation to other multiplatform applications, for example, Telegram. So the synchronization with the other devices will be full.

iMessage with iCloud

Imessage iCloud 11.3
Many of you have reported problems in maintaining a conversation between various devices through the Apple instant messaging application. It is true that currently, if we use it in several devices, we can have some kind of problem with synchronization.
Thanks to iOS 11.2.5 , these problems may have been solved, but with the arrival of iOS 11.3 , we will have the possibility to store our conversations in our iCloud space instead of locally.
iMessage is completely free , but messages (in blue) are only for users who have registered and authorized their iCloud account to send and receive messages. We can also add other emails to facilitate communication between our contacts, of course, we can also add phone numbers.
With iOS 10, iMessages made an important jump, adding really interesting features . Discovering a new way to interact with our friends or family. In addition to incorporating their own applications from the App Store.
Soon we can even send money to our contacts with Apple Pay Cash , where some users in Spain are already starting to receive this service (it has not yet officially arrived).
If you usually use iMessage regularly, you know that messages will be able to be synchronized in an optional way in iCloud with iOS 11.3 .

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