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Saturday, January 13, 2018

iMovie still does not adapt to the screen of the new iPhone X

iMovie is one of the best solutions that Apple integrates totally free on any iOS device or macOS to create videos in a fast, simple and with amazing results.
Being in both operating systems and with the integration of iCloud , we can start a video on an iPhone and finalize it on a Mac or iPad with great ease. In the macOS application, we have advanced functions, such as color correction or use a chroma.
Unfortunately, the application was updated 4 months ago and is still not optimized for the iPhone X , offering large black margins that diminish the field of work.

iMovie is free and really easy to use

iMovie macOS iOSnd its templates, we can create trailers of our family videos or even movies, such as Jonathan Caouette and the documentary, Tarnation , where he won several international awards.
Apple has always boasted of the potential of its integrated cameras in the iPhone (except the iMac and MacBook), where we are motivated to create content with the tools that Apple provides us for free.
The purpose of having iMovie on the iPhone, is that we can create content, edit it and share it from anywhere , integrating a very intuitive interface without distractions.
Surprisingly, Apple has not yet updated iMovie to be optimized in its new flagship, the iPhone X. Currently, the area of ​​work of the app, it is quite narrow, with black margins very unsightly and not very functional.
Unlike iMovie , the Clips application , if it is receiving more recent updates and being adapted to the new screen of the iPhone X. The Clips app incorporates very interesting news, including an exclusive feature of the iPhone X that we already discussed in its day.

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