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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Instagram is updated incorporating the last time you were online, as in WhatsApp

Instagram has received today an important novelty that has liked some and others has thrown back, as they do not want to be too controlled in the face of their friends. This novelty is found from its origins in WhatsApp or Messenger, applications of the same company: Facebook . Now we can know when a person is connected to Instagram or how long they do not see the application, which we did not have before in direct messages.

Instagram will show your last connection

If you get into your direct messages, you will see that under your contacts (or rather, some) you will see a message like "Active Now" or "Active 2 hours ago". It is exactly the same as in Messenger or WhatsApp.
Instagram Activity
The most negative thing I see is that the user is not officially announced in any way,and overnight you find this unknowingly, exposing your connection status to your friends, the world does not end, but you can that there are people who do not like doing it.
I say that this arrives overnight because by default this functionality is active in the options. Based on the publication of The Verge , this state of connection can be seen by the followers with whom you have been in contact by DM before, and the people that you follow . That is, not all your followers will see it.
Obviously this can be deactivated as in the rest of the messaging services. Only you must go to Instagram preferences and disable the "Show state activity , " the Instagram itself defined as:
Allow the accounts you follow and anyone to whom you send messages to see when your last activity was in Instagram applications. If the option is disabled, you will not be able to see the activity status of other accounts. 
In short, if you do not want anyone to know when you've been connected to Instagram, you can deactivate it in an easy way, but remember, if people do not see your connection status you will not be able to see theirs either. 
If you do not get the latest connections from your contacts, it is because from Instagram they are implementing it little by little , and it may be that it has not yet been incorporated into your application, but patience, in the end you will receive it. Leave us in the comments box what you think of this new feature.

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