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Monday, January 22, 2018

iOS 11.2.5 shows new features of HomePod

We are only a few weeks away from seeing HomePod in the market, even if it does not arrive in Spain soon, if we expect Apple to end up expanding its smart speaker market. Today we have known from the hand of the developer Filipe Espósito new features of this product after investigating the betas of iOS 11.2.5.

What surprise will HomePod bring us?

One of the most outstanding that we have seen, and that the developer has highlighted, is the possibility of deactivating "Hey Siri" . This is thinking for when there are many people in our house, which can end up confusing Siri and activating every two for three.
According to the Home app assets, users with HomePod will be able to create "scenes" that disable Siri temporarily. It will probably be very useful for parties.
In the image that we see in your Twitter account we observe these scenes accompanied by the file name, something that gives more weight to this information. Among these scenes we can also program others to adjust the brightness of the room or change the environment, all designed to work with HomeKit.
The developer has also hinted that several voices can be registered to invoke Siri with the "Hey Siri" , unlike in the iPhone where only one voice can be registered. This is logical, because if you can only register one voice and you are several at home, can only one person call Siri by voice command? It would be somewhat absurd.
Being a product that will be in a home, which usually has several members, the logical thing is to think that it can be used by everyone, including this multiple support, although they did not sell it to us in the corresponding presentation, something to which we are accustomed.
Another novelty that we can see in the HomePod is the possibility that it recognizes other HomePod in the house and can be adjusted to these, both in sound and in receiving instructions. All thinking about the ecosystem of Apple something that does not seem silly.

All this we will have to discover when this smart speaker is on the market in an official way, and to analyze if the end is worth it or not buy it. I hope that before the end of the month we have it in the market. 

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