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Friday, January 26, 2018

iOS 11.3 lets you intuit that the next iPad Pro will integrate the Face ID

There have been few rumors that the next iPad Pr or integrate the new biometric recognition system of Apple: the Face ID . And with the arrival of the beta of iOS 11.3, developers have been quick to inspect the code of this beta line by line and have discovered a subtlety that could confirm the arrival of Face ID to iPad Pro, something we would like to many. 

Would you like an iPad Pro like the iPhone X?

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg was the first to launch this idea of ​​an iPad that would be presented this year that would have very small bevels and incorporate the Face ID unlocking method , that is, an iPhone X moved to the level of the iPad.
iPad Pro Concept Face ID
This was in the air, or know if there is going to be a new version of the iPad Pro , but a line of code in the first beta of iOS 11.3 makes mention of a "Modern iPad" as Felipe Espósito has discovered and has shared in Twitter, as we show you below.
The interesting thing about seeing the words "Modern iPad" is that the engineers responsible for the iPhone X, referred to Apple's flagship as "modern iPhone" in the previous firmware. This would show the similarity between the new iPad and the iPhone that we have in the market with this facial recognition technology that sets it apart. Guillherme Rambo has given credibility to this rumor with these lines of code in his Twitter account as well.
This line of code does not end with clearly confirming this technology, but lets intuit, as stated in the title, that this iPad will change design incorporating a screen with reduced bevels and the one so hated by some and loved by others, the eyebrow of the iPhone X.

To me personally seeing the concepts that are already on the network would seem an interesting and nice iPad although we should see how much they put it, because if the price is too high it will be a small disaster surely (we should only see the iPhone X) .

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