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Monday, January 8, 2018

iPhone X: Problems of excessive data consumption and overheating

The great masterpiece designed by Apple to mark the tenth anniversary of its iPhone, the iPhone X , seems to face a series of problems that are reported by some users in the United States and the United Kingdom.
These problems focus on two, the first of which is overheating and the other the excessive consumption of data , which is certainly not good news. Join us to learn more about both aspects.


Of all it is known that when an iPhone is exposed to high temperatures leaves some functions disabled, such as being able to charge or disable the flash of the camera . In the video that we show below, a user of the terminal of the brand of the bitten apple has been uploaded, you can see how the flash warning signal deactivated by high temperature appears.
Others say that their iPhones get so hot that it is almost impossible to hold them by hand, and they must be left off or even in a refrigerator to use them . So far from the brand have not given explanation to such an event. It seems that the heat is concentrated in the logo area, in the back.

Excessive data consumption

The other negative aspect and of which we are having knowledge today is that of a user who reports an excessive consumption in the data of his rate . Although the iPhone X, is even something that Apple makes public, has improvements in managing connections, this owner complains that his monthly plan is running out shortly.
Although the brand is not pronounced on the matter, it is interesting that it has knowledge of these failures to be able to solve them in the near future. Have you noticed any of these anomalies with your iPhone X? We would like to know in comments.

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