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Friday, January 12, 2018

Now Siri offers more information on sports, including tennis and golf

If you're a tennis or golf lover, you'll be happy to know that Siri now offers much more information about it.
Our virtual assistant becomes an expert on these sports, where he is able to offer us historical data with a single voice command.
In addition, we can follow the live tournaments without losing any kind of detail about our favorite sport. Directly on the screen of our device, without having to enter any application or search the results from Safari.

Siri offers more information in sports

Thanks to our virtual seat getting the information directly from the Professional Tennis Association (ATP) and the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) , we will have updated news with a single glance and using voice commands.
Simply asking him to show us the latest tennis results , he will ask us to specify the type of league, from there, we will have the results in image and voice .
With golf the same thing happens, Siri will have all the information of the PGA and LPGA tournaments . From the yards to the prize received, of course, also the classification.
Apple continues to improve its own virtual assistant so that it becomes a fundamental part of our day to day, where we can not only perform basic actions. It is also a great help for people who need to use their device with the help of accessibility .
Siri little by little is including improvements to be able to increase the actions it can do for us, in addition to offering us more detailed information . Thanks to this, we do not have to enter Safari or social networks to find specific information about our favorite sports.
Siri is a great help to be informed and perform daily actions without having to touch the device , in addition to saving time with the search results, in this case, sports.

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