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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Samsung patents a roll-up OLED screen device with fingerprint sensor.

Samsung patents an OLED roller screen device that works with magnets and has a fingerprint sensor. Today we have news about Samsung's OLED roll-up screen, since we could be witnessing the development process of Samsung's roll-up tablet.
roller screen

The rolling screen is a flexible screen, which can be rolled up like a parchment.

Although it may still take a few years before we can buy such a screen, we have already seen several prototypes over the past few years. With CES 2018 and SID 2018 just around the corner, we will soon see the latest developments.
At the IFA 2005 trade fair, the Dutch royal company Philips presented the first global prototype of a Radius Radius e-Reader screen concept. Years later, at CES 2016, LG showed a flexible OLED display of 18? of only 1 mm thick. The roll-up TV was the lightest and thinnest screen that had been shown to work.
Two months later Samsung demonstrated an OLED roll-up screen in SID 2016, it was a 5.7-inch screen, only 0.3mm thick and 5 grams. This screen could very well be used as a flexible smartphone screen.
new patent of Samsung Display Co has just been published Ltd. in the WIPO database. The filing date for the application was June 13, 2017, while the original application was filed exactly one year earlier at the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
Flexible display panel and a main body with fingerprint sensor patented by Samsung, can be wound around the main body. The main body will be made of a metallic material, while the screen includes one or more magnets, to easily hold the roller screen to the body. The patent shows roll-up display devices with different form factors, including one with a square and cylindrical body.
The cylindrical model has a roller that can rotate to spirally wind the flexible display panel. When the flexible display panel is spirally wound around the main body, the screen can be fixed to the body by a magnetic force of the magnet.
That is not the only thing that is shown in the patent is a rolling screen with Samsung fingerprint sensor. Once rolled, users can easily carry the roll-up display device to any place they wish. To ensure the data displayed on the flexible display panel, the main body will have an integrated fingerprint sensor. Simply by pressing the main body with your thumb, the display panel unlocks and can be unrolled.

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