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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Superimpose X goes from 2.99 euros to FREE for a limited time

If you like to retouch photographs, make montages with them or just give an interesting touch, you have  Superimpose X totally free in the App Store.
Its original price is 2.99 euros , but only during this weekend, will be completely free, so take advantage of this fantastic offer for a limited time.
In addition, this application has been updated recently, including a series of improvements that make this application more interesting.

Superimpose X free

This app is designed to make  assemblies or retouching with users with little practice, as for more advanced users, since the possibilities are immense. If we are not familiar with this type of apps, we have a brief tutorial to catch up.
In order to get the most out of Superimpose X , we have a series of exclusive tutorials of this app, where the developers teach us all the tricks to create spectacular effects.
The interface is quite intuitive, something that is very much appreciated, especially knowing the amount of options that are presented to us. So for 2.99 euros , it's a pretty good price for everything it offers, but being free , it's practically a crime not to download it.
The application is in English, but it will not be complicated to manage it. Among its options, they highlight the possibility of making montages with several photographs,as we can see in the previous video. It's the Spanish App Store, there are few ratings, but positive.
It is available for both iPhone and iPad and best of all, it does not offer integrated purchases, that is, purchases and use it with all its features.
Another interesting fact is that it is  compatible "In family" , with which, if you have a family group, with which you buy a member, you can use them all without problems.
In order to use Superimpose X , we need a device with iOS 10 or higher, basically that is the only requirement to use this interesting photo retouching application.

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