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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The 500th Apple Store will be the first in South Korea and will open in 10 days

Lately Apple has been expanding its kingdom in several ways, especially physically adding more official stores to its list in more and more areas of the world. As a rule the Apple Store are usually full of people and when entering we would find a very different environment from a conventional electronics store, in addition to the great support and technical service that we can experience in one of these establishments. Within exactly 10 days, on January 27, the bitten apple will open the Apple Store number 500 exactly and this will also be the first located in South Korea.

The apple puts the feet in Korea

We know that South Korea, despite being a small country in quotes has a great potential and percentage of the largest terminal manufacturers in the world, obviating all Chinese firms which every day a new one and only get equal terminals at prices of laughter, but a great reason why Apple has not decided so far to enter this area of ​​Asia is because, specifically, South Korea is mostly Samsung territory , but also in a small percentage of LG. The most amazing thing is that despite the rivalry, the iPhone X sold very well in the country.
One thing that strikes us a lot, especially the Spanish, is that the Apple Store open Monday through Sunday and this one from South Korea located in Seoul will not be less. Despite all the time it has taken the apple to move to this country, they said last year that they had plans to open an official store, although they did not know when.
Apparently the physical store as such was ready to open on December 30 of last year , but apparently not everything was ready to make the opening which will take place on January 27 as we said something higher.

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