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Monday, January 15, 2018

The App Store will have more revenue than the movie industry in 2018

Every time you give the download button is App that has caught your attention in the App Store you are helping Apple get something that a few years ago seemed impossible, that a mobile application store is just as profitable as the whole industry cinematographic worldwide .
It is expected that the App Store will generate this year a whopping 40,000 million dollars , which would be the same as all movie theaters in the world in 2018. The increase in billing of the App Store is unstoppable and is evident in the graphic that you see just below these lines.
App Store Vs Cine
It is not difficult to deduce that the blue line that has more slope than the Angliru is that of the App Store, the red represents the profits of the film industry.
Apple itself revealed a few days ago that these Christmas had burst all records of benefits with the App Store. From December 24 to 31, Apple customers spent $ 890 million on applications. But beware, 2018 is much better according to the box that was made in the App Store only on January 1, no less than 300 million dollars in just one day and applications, nothing bad, right ?.
It is clear that the application store is a mine to make millions, but it is that the thing is not there, all these millions are just the tip of the Iceberg, the gains that can be counted, here are not the income that is obtained to From, for example, the advertising of the applications or sales generated by giants of the online world such as Amazon or Uber, if we counted this the total business volume would be about 180,000 million dollars a year .

More curious facts from the App Store

The truth is that it seems a lie that a business in which the most successful applications are "free" generates so much money a year, but of course, is that we are many millions of people who have iPhone ...
These are some more curious facts about the App Store and its economic performance:
  • Only payments to developers (25,000 million dollars in 2016) are more than McDonald's revenues in that same year.
  • In 2018 iOS users will spend at least 100 million dollars a day on applications .
  • Each year we spend at least 5,000 million dollars more on the App Store from 2011 to the present.
  • The applications are the bulk of Apple's service revenue.

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