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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The app that Apple withdrew a few days ago from the App Store, is again available

A few days ago, Apple decided to remove the Terminal application from the Apple Store because it could confuse users with an official app.
The developer commented that perhaps changing the name and logo of the app, should not have problems and Apple would accept it again.
Indeed, after a facelift, Apple has given the go-ahead for this app, now called OpenTerm, to be back in the Apple Store.

OpenTerm, the App Store Terminal

OpenTerm old Terminal for iOS
OpenTerm is an application that allows to execute several commands in iOS as if we were using the same MacOS Terminal (with its limitations). The interesting thing about this open source project is that it is able to integrate with macOS through iCloud.
This application is completely free and enjoys some positive evaluations, despite its recent appearance (counting on the withdrawn app), it already counts more than 30 reviews in its version 1.2.
The renewed app, we have available for both the iPhone and the iPad, offering a graphical interface very faithful to Terminal, where we can also modify some aspects to have it to our liking.
Apple is quite jealous in its policy of acceptance of applications, thanks to this, we enjoy a store of quality applications , above all, free of malware.
OpenTerm was rejected by one of the points that Apple requires developers, that can not create confusion with an official app, where Terminal did not meet these requirements. This is how Apple told this developer via email .
If you want to try the OpenTerm app , you simply have to download it from the App Store and start "playing" with it as if you were doing it from macOS.

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