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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Apple Watch receives watchOS 4.2.2

Today Apple has clicked the button to download updates for our use and enjoyment, we already discussed the news of iOS and macOS, now it's the turn for the Apple Watch with watchOS 4.2.2 .
Today, all users who have an Apple Watch, will find the version watchOS 4.2.2, a minor update that includes improvements in the performance of the computer.
In the previous version, yes we found new features such as Apple Pay Cash . Here in Spain is not yet officially activated, although some users have been able to configure it in their smart watches Apple.

Upgrade to watchOS 4.2.2

Apple Watch Series 3
The update of the Apple Watch, is done through the iPhone , but to perform this action, we need to take a series of measures, such as having at least 50% battery , have it connected to the current and near our iPhone.
All updates are well received, so you should not be afraid to update your Apple Watch as soon as possible. Apple usually integrates performance improvements into the system , in addition to improving security.
Apple also usually fix some small faults that users and developers have been reporting in the program of betas, so possibly, that small mistake that did not let you sleep, maybe already solved with this update.
About the LTE version of the Apple Watch , we still do not have news for its launch in Spain. Apple already commented that as soon as it reached an agreement with the Spanish operators, the distribution in our country would begin.
At the moment, the nearest to buy it is France, connected to the Orange network , although it would not work in Spanish territory.
With the arrival of the Apple Watch LTE , we have the possibility to choose another type of dial. Currently we only have the aluminum box in various colors, yes, with watchOS 4.2.2 .

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