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Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Apple Watch Series 3 has problems in hospitals

Some users are reporting a series of spontaneous restarts in hospitals. The majority of those affected work in intensive care areas. It seems that it would only be affecting the Apple Watch Series 3 in greater media .
Both WiFi and LTE versions would be affected by this problem, spontaneous restarts that repeat every  30 and 60 minutes approximately . When performing diagnostics on devices in an Apple Store, they do not present any kind of problem.
Apple offers a manual where it warns of possible interference of medical material in the Apple Watch, but there is still no official information on this type of reboots.

The Apple Watch Series 3 in hospitals

Apple Watch sensor
It seems that this problem affects more in intensive care areas , where the Apple Watch Series 3 would experience a performance problem. Preventing professionals and users to make normal use of the device.
In the official discussion section of Apple , those affected began to report this problem in early December. On some occasions, Apple has completely replaced the watch, suffering the same fate at the time of returning to visit a hospital.
Some users comment that they have not had this problem with previous models , so it would only affect models with GPS, both Series 2 (to a lesser extent) and the Apple Watch Series 3 in the WiFi version and LTE .
Perhaps, this problem can be solved with a software update , we will have to wait to see if Apple can offer a solution to this problem and to continue using the Apple Watch in hospitals as normal.
For now, the only solution offered by Apple, is to use the smart watch in airplane mode , where it has been discovered that it is the only way to continue using the clock without restarting every so often. Logically, here all the functionality of the Apple Watch is lost .

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