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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Camera RX app happens to be FREE for a limited time

If you want to get the most out of the camera on your iPhone or iPad, the Camera RX app is an excellent option, where now, it's free for a limited time.
Without promotion, it has an approximate cost of 2.99 euros , but if you hurry, you can have it completely free. We do not know how long, so do not think too much.
Thanks to this app, we have the opportunity to control a lot of parameters of our camera, both for photos and for video .

Free RX Camera for a limited time

Camera RX App
This app not only allows to control practically all the parameters in a manual way to take a photograph, it also allows us to access all the metadata of it.
In the latest version, a depth map has been added , although only for devices compatible with the iOS version 11.1.2 or later. Among its features, we find all these:
  • Supports a resolution of 4032 × 3024 photo for iPhone 6s and later models. (Set the maximum resolution to " Highest quality ")
  • Silent photography without shutter sound . (Turn off the shutter sound of the setting.)
  • Supports Live Photos . (iPhone 6s and later compatible models).
  • Depth map format (iOS 11.1.2 and later compatible models)
  • Confirm and save the depth map image.
  • Supports RAW format.  (Models compatible with iOS 11.1 and later.)
  • Correct image correction and filter effects functionality with Adobe Creative Cloud .
  • Manual operation of almost all functions, including focus, exposure and white balance, etc.
  • Option to store white balance settings as presets
  • Works with telescopic , wide-angle and dual lenses
  • Video recording with frame rate adjustment functionality .
  • Explore the photo library and zoom in on the images and videos to see the details.
  • Anti-Shake correction functionality .
  • Grid screen to help with the composition of the photo.
  • Bubble level function for photos of landscapes and portraits.
  • Functionality of light adjustment .
  • Displays the Exif information of the image.
  • Add location information and c opyright information to the Exif metadata .
Come on, an authentic application wonder to capture photos and videos where we have the opportunity to control virtually all settings manually .
You can use it both on an iPhone and an iPad . It is not in Spanish but we will not need it, as it is quite intuited. It offers "In Family" compatibility and does not offer integrated purchases.
So hurry to download Camera RX for free for a limited time before it returns to its original price.

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