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Friday, January 12, 2018

The FBI calls Apple "evil geniecillos" for its security encryption

The good work of Apple to give security to the sensitive data that we keep in our devices, has upset the FBI, where they qualify Apple as "evil geniecillos" .
According to FBI forensic expert Stephen Flatley, the process of deciphering information on an iPhone has gone from 2 days to 2 months at a much higher cost.
We remember the case of the San Bernardino shooting, where the FBI spent $ 900,000 to decipher the iPhone 5c from one of the shooters, where no relevant information was found.

The FBI complaints to Apple

James Comey, FBI director
The FBI believes that Apple's failure to open "a back door" hinders investigations, turning this situation into an urgent problem of public safety.
To be able to access users' devices, a court order is needed But Apple is improving its security encryption to the point that even they could not access sensitive data.
In one of the most famous cases to decipher one of the iPhone, the FBI spent more than $ 900,000 on a company specialized in breaching the security of electronic equipment.
The FBI praised the good work of Cellebrite, company responsible for breaking the security of the iPhone 5c San Bernardino . Interestingly, this company was hacked some time later. They stole about 900 GB of private data belonging to Israeli terminals.
Apple has published several pages where they inform customers how to maintain security and privacy. In addition, they affirm that privacy is a fundamental human right, that is why they take this issue very seriously.
Interestingly, the latest Apple scandals are involved with security issues in macOS, where without entering any password , any user could access our computer without any problems.
A couple of days ago, we also met another similar vulnerability , but in this case, it affected the preferences of the App Store. As in the previous case, it can also be accessed without any type of security barrier.
In the case of iOS, at the moment no serious vulnerability has been discovered, being a very safe operating system. Chema Alonso said in an interview for Apple5x1 the benefits of having the iOS updated and without jailbreak.

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