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Friday, January 26, 2018

The free Apple app to learn Swift, is updated with important improvements

The application to learn Apple's programming language, Swift Playgrounds , is updated to version 2.0.
In this new version, we find graphic novelties , in addition to having the option to subscribe to a provider of activities to continue improving our learning.
This application is only available on the iPad , where we have the opportunity to learn to program even without having a minimum knowledge.

What's new in Swift Playgrounds 2.0

Swift Playgrounds 2.0 iPad app
Apple wanted to make a good leap to this application that seemed difficult to overcome. Among the improvements, we find the following novelties :
  • With subscriptions, new gaming areas appear automatically when they become available and you will receive notifications of updates.
  • You can access new robots, such as IBM's TJBot and Mekamon, through the "Add subscription" button.
  • The new content gallery shows all game areas, including third-party subscriptions, in a single view.
  • Now you can access the documentation of iOS functions and commands from the Help button and the Tools menu.
  • The Locations button allows you to open the game areas from the iPad Files app
  • To complement the application, we recommend this series of free books for your use and enjoyment, where they will surely help you to expand your knowledge.
If we want to improve our learning, Apple puts at your disposal, a series of complementary books completely free, which, we already talked about in this post .
Undoubtedly, Apple is doing an extraordinary job to teach us how to program in a very dynamic and totally free way . Yes, only if we have an iPad to run the application.
To access this app , we need at least an iPad mini 2 with iOS 10, of course, it is also included iPad Air or iPad Pro, ie all iPad that have 64 bits and have iOS 10 installed.
One of the advantages of that Swift Playgrounds , is that we will be learning to program executing real commands from our iPad. In addition to sharing our progress or recording our actions.

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