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Monday, January 15, 2018

The iPhone 7, the second most popular smartphone in China in 2017

Apple has been looking at China for a few years, and we see that the growth it is having in this country is being incredible, since the iPhone 7 Plus is listed as the second most sold device in China in 2017, a very important fact for the company as it shows The growth they are having in this region is very important and they are taking root. Android brands may be shaking in China.

The iPhone 7, in the top 10 of smartphones in China

According to the Counterpoint firm's information, the  iPhone 7 Plus was the second best-selling smartphone in China in 2017 and the iPhone 7 with a single camera in fifth place.
iPhone 7 in China
The only device that has advanced to the Apple terminal has been the OPPO R95 that has managed to reign in this country, as you can see in the graph that we have been able to get from Counterpoint and that I have left at the top of this paragraph.
In China they are saturated with mobile devices and that is why the percentages of the Top 10 are very low . Then, make a hole in the market is very complicated and this is what Apple has achieved in a country traditionally Android, make a hole.
This is good news, but they will have to continue working to be able to incorporate more of Cupertino's signature in the Chinese country , although this is not an easy task, as we have said, there are too many devices and it is difficult to highlight. As you can see in this study there is nothing from Samsung when they are good devices. 
We will have to see how the brand evolves in the coming years.

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