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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The strange error of macOS and its thirteenth month

At the end of September, in the Apple developer forum, the thread "Xcode 9 Log: The 13th month is out of bounds " was opened A strange mistake about a thirteenth month .
It was expected that as of January 1, 2018, this error will be solved. But right now, you can check it out by entering the Mac's console.
Apparently, this error would not affect the user with its daily use , it would only be an internal error of macOS.

The thirteenth month in macOS

macOS Error thirteenth month 13
If you enter the high Sierra macOS console , you can see for yourself how the message "Month 13 is out of bounds" appears, something like "Month 13 is out of bounds" .
We insist that this error is apparently not malicious or affects the performance of the computer. The exact process where the error of the thirteenth month is found, was met by spring time in " mdworker ".
This error usually appears during several times in the day, some users have reported that this strange error appears every 2 and 20 seconds on average . In the check that we have made, the error is shown repeatedly in the "AgentCalendar", "mdworker" or "Ulysses" processes.
Perhaps, this problem is solved in the next update of macOS , correcting this error and offering some other improvements to be able to continue offering a safe and stable system.
At the moment, there is no official response from Apple, despite the fact that this thread was discovered in one of its official developer forums . Neither is the exact origin of this strange error known nor how to solve it.
If you want to check for yourself, you just have to write in Spotlight (by pressing the CMD key + spacebar) " Console " and wait a few seconds until the records begin to appear. You will see how the message of the thirteenth month appears quickly next to a yellow call sign.

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