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Sunday, January 28, 2018

These are the news of the first beta of watchOS 4.3

A few days ago Apple released the first beta for developers of watchOS 4.3 together with iOS 11.3 , macOS 10.13.3 and tvOS 11.3 beta 1. The news of the new version of the Apple Watch operating system was not clear, so we had to wait to the developers to download and can test their functions that basically focus on the application of Music. 

What brings us again watchOS 4.3?

Apple in watchOS 4 withdrew the possibility for users to consult their own Music library on the iPhone through Apple Watch, something that has reappeared in this new beta, which many people who use this music service will appreciate.
Apple Watch
Continuing with the music application, in watchOS 4.3 we see a new section called "The iPhone" , where we can find all our playlists, albums, songs and artists. This was not possible before because we could only access this information when a song played on the Apple Watch.
Another novelty affects the night table mode of Watch. Many will know that when the Apple watch is in vertical mode and its charging base shows only the time, so we can see it comfortably from the bed. Also, if we have an alarm set minutes before it sounds, it will light up smoothly. With the future update you can use the bedside mode in any orientation. 
The latest news that we have been able to know is that now the Siri sphere will show us the activity information without having to access the Training application.
There are many new features, only small tweaks and in the end is perfecting the existing version. Something logical because the WWDC 2018 is just around the corner and you have to think about watchOS 5. This update will not have public beta since the Watch can not be removed from a beta, so we must wait until spring for the official launch

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