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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Try the Google Assistant on your iPhone and be amazed

Google's virtual assistant has been updated and it's a good time to give it a try.
The Google Assistant offers a series of very dynamic and fluid answers, you can not replace Siri because of the limitations of iOS, but the interaction will be more enjoyable.
One of the most interesting features is that it is not necessary to repeat all the steps when we want to know more information about a specific topic, for example if we ask information from our soccer team.

The Google Assistant on the iPhone

Google iOS Assistant
The application is completely free and can perform actions such as looking for photos, manage the agenda, send messages (we will have to confirm ourselves in the last step) or ask about any subject to show us all the available information.
The latest update came on January 17 , improving the user experience, in addition to offering improvements in performance and stability. Directly asking him "What can you do ?, he will offer us all the available actions.
During the time we have been testing, the speed and interaction has been really positive, offering very accurate results and without having to formulate an order too precise.
The Google Assistant offers some significant improvements with respect to Siri, in the first case, we can translate words into another language simply with voice commands. Siri in this case, will send us to Safari.
Surprise yourself by interacting with the Google Assistant to start a conversation. Ask him what makes him sad, what he thinks of Siri or that he sings a song to you. In the latter, effects of sounds or environmental noises appear. Small details that make a notable difference, being a more pleasant use.

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