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Saturday, January 13, 2018

US senators press Tim Cook to face for slowing down older iPhone

US Senators are calling on Tim Cook to face the issue of slowing down the iPhone without first communicating it to users. A few days ago it was the chairman of the Commerce Committee of the Senate that demanded Apple more information about this issue, but today four other senators have joined this demand by sending a new letter to the CEO of Apple.

Tim Cook, where are you?

Reuters has been the media that has unveiled this news today claiming that senators such as the chairman of the Committee on Commerce and Energy of the US Chamber, Greg Walden have signed a new letter addressed to Tim Cook.
Tim Cook talking
With this letter, some Republican senators demand from Tim Cook information about the slowing of the iPhone intentionally and above all, without being transparent with the users. Specifically Reuters has collected the following:
Four Republicans from the US House of Representatives, including the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, wrote on Friday Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, asking him to answer questions about the deceleration of the iPhone with old batteries. 
In addition to demand explanations about slowing performance of the iPhone, also they demand to know what happened at the Apple Store in Switzerland and Valencia c hen battery overheated iPhone , something that is anything but ordinary.
To the slowdown of the iPhone the company took out a statement, it is true, but its maximum responsible has not given the face to the respect nor we have heard of its mouth to apologize . And that talk about the issue of superheated batteries, or a statement from Apple and no response from the press in Apple Spain and Switzerland.
When Apple promises to be more transparent with its communications, and its CEO is hidden from all means, for me it is a real failure, and I do not understand what is happening with the company in recent months. We must see if in the end Tim Cook responds even to the Senators of his own country.

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