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Thursday, January 25, 2018

With this app you can have WhatsApp on your Apple Watch

One of the shortcomings of the Apple Watch, is the lack of WhatsApp , the instant messaging application par excellence. But thanks to WatchUp you can interact with your contacts from your wrist.
This application is basically a reduced version of WhatsApp Web , so if we turn off our watch, we will have to link it again with the QR code from the iPhone app.
Even so, it is a good way to stay connected with our friends without having to draw the iPhone.

WhatchUP, WhatsApp for the Apple Watch

WhatsApp Apple Watch
Its operation is simple and allows us to respond with dictation of voice , emojis or through scribbles . It is true that sometimes it takes a while to synchronize, nothing problematic, but used to instant shipments, we must take it into account.
With WhatchUP we have the opportunity to send and receive messages, but not to initiate a conversation  with our contacts if we do not have a previously established one from the iOS app or WhatsApp Web.
Thanks to the complications , it is possible to have our direct access on the screen of our Apple Watch, so it is much faster to start a conversation.
WhatsApp Apple Watch
We can adjust the dictation and scribbling language , but for that, we have to configure it from the iOS version, remember that basically this app is a WhatsApp Web link.
Of course, it allows us to see the images they send us, but with certain limitations, for example, we can not zoom . Perhaps, with new updates, these small details begin to be solved.
WhatchUP is not free, it is paid, specifically 2.29 euros , but does not offer integrated purchases. Of course, offers purchases "En Familia" , so if we want to share it with the members of our group, it will not be necessary to buy it several times to be connected on WhatsApp from the Apple Watch.

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