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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

An Israeli company says that currently any iPhone can be "hacked"

The companions of ADSLZONE echo the statements of Cellebrite, where they claim that they can now hack any iPhone or iPhone.
Specifically from the version of iOS 5 to the most current, iOS 11 . Although they do not rule out that in the future Apple will launch a security update that prevents this access to unauthorized personnel.
Many of you will remember the case of the San Bernardino shooting , where the FBI demanded that Apple unlock an iPhone 5c and create a tool to access the iPhone. In this way, the FBI could obtain information from them if necessary without the authorization of a judge.

Cellebrite can "hack" up the iPhone X

Joni Ive Tim Cook iPhone X
Image REUTERS / Stephen Lam
Not only have they managed to "hack" an iPhone, the Israeli company says they can access any terminal, either iOS or Android. Although in the first case, they say Apple may work on a security solution that prevents them from accessing it in the future.
Cellebrite is not any company, it is a company focused on forensic software, where they have specialized in smartphones, since it is a device that contains a lot of information that could be of interest, especially for the police.
At the moment, Apple has not made any kind of statement, but surely release some type of security update to solve this problem. First of all, we should not be alarmed . Accessing an iPhone is not easy (or cheap).
For an iPhone 5c, the FBI had to disburse almost 1 million dollars , where in the end they did not get the desired information. So we should not be alarmist, our iPhones are still really safe at a general level.

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