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Monday, February 5, 2018

Apple begins to observe the problem of calls on some iPhone X

A very limited number of users, sounded the alarm to find that they could not accept phone calls on your iPhone X .
It is not a coverage error like the iPhone 7 , this problem would come in the announcements of incoming calls, where the affected few could not press the button to accept or decline the call.
We insist that it is not a general problem , there are only limited cases of users that have been reflected in several Internet forums. Apple has begun to look at these reports to find a solution.

Phone calls on the iPhone X

Face ID iPhone X
The blog MacRumors , has contacted Apple to confirm if they had proof of this problem in a limited number of users. Apple answered affirmatively, where they added that they had begun to look at the possible problem.
With the latest updates , this problem would not have disappeared, now that Apple has proof of this, possibly they will start to investigate to solve it as soon as possible.
Basically, the error is to receive a call, where the warning would not jump until after a few seconds , in the best case, yes it would, but preventing pressing any of the actions, such as accept or recline the call.
The Financial Times also echoed this problem in a small group of users, as MacRumors collected it. In Spain , we have not known any case with this problem (at least on the part of this wording).
The iPhone X is a device that attracts a lot of attention, any problem is magnified, but we insist that only a small group of users would be affected .
Now that Apple already knows the problem and has some reports of some iPhone X , we hope it is solved as soon as possible.

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