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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Apple intends to sell 100 million of the new 6.1-inch iPhone at a lower price

The iPhone X did not have the sales expected by Apple, but have already put the batteries to meet a new goal that seems easier to achieve. According to KGI published today, Apple would aim to 2018/2019 to sell up to 100 million units of the new iPhone that will launch later this year , an iPhone similar to X but with a lower price, and therefore, with fewer features.

An iPhone X for $ 699, the salvation of Apple?

In September all the rumors suggest that we will see three iPhone models in the market. A risky bet by Apple, but it may work by giving the user the possibility to choose between one model or another, according to the specifications they have and, of course, give options to all pockets.
The problem of the iPhone X has been basically the high price it has had, throwing back many users when buying it. That is why Apple will end up retraining and will surely launch a 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD screen, with a design very similar to the current iPhone X , and most interesting of all, at a price of $ 699. 
Well, Apple's challenge is to sell 100 million units of this model alone, a very demanding goal for the company. It should be remembered that according to Ming-Chi-Kuo of KGI , this year's flagship will sell only 62 million units, at the time it is on sale. 
Of the three models that Apple will release in September, all would have Face ID, but in this $ 699 model they will have to dispense with some features to lower their cost. Obviously, this terminal will have a very good reception if the services are interesting and they do not cover it too much and I see viable to reach those 100 million units.

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