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Friday, February 9, 2018

Apple investigates AirPods that started to burn while they were being used

A man who practiced sports in a gym in Tampa (United States), says that his AirPods began to burn while he was doing his sports activities.
Apple already has evidence of this and is investigating the causes why these AirPods began to burn for no apparent reason while their owner was using them in a gym.
Specifically, it was the right earphone , where the patient noticed how it began to swell, giving off an unbearable heat. When he took it off, he saw it start to burn, at which point he asked for help.

Wrecked AirPods

AirPods flames
The result, as you can see in the image, is an AirPod completely deformed by the heat and the flames that came off. Its owner believes that it could be a problem in the battery . There is still no official information from Apple, but it is known that they are already investigating this event.
It's not a generalized case, so for now, there's no need to worry . It is only a case in point, but Apple will study thoroughly what happened to determine the causes of this event.
Jason Colon , owner of the AirPods, contacted Apple to explain what happened, where he states:
"I do not know what would have happened to my ear." "Just because it happened to me, does not mean it does not happen again."
AirPods flames 1
Luckily, Jason Colon did not suffer any damage or burns . Noticing the heat in his ear, he acted quickly to remove them and leave them in a gym machine. Moment in which he took the opportunity to ask for help.
Upon returning, the headphones were found in that state, possibly, as the good indicates, product of the flames that completely deformed the AirPods.
We will be attentive to Apple's research to find out what really happened with these AirPods . Any news, we will expand this news.

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