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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Apple publishes the HomePod user guide where it explains everything you can do with the

Users have begun to receive today in their homes the new wireless speaker from Apple, the HomePod, but it is obvious that users do not know very well all its features or what to do with it, as it is a new device in the Apple ecosystem . That is why from Cupertino they have published a User Guide , where they explain what we can do with the HomePod in detail. 

What can we do with HomePod?

The first thing we find in this user guide is how to link our iPhone with HomePod, a process that is identical to pairing with an AirPods . You just have to put your mobile or iPad (as long as it's on iOS 11.2.5) next to the speaker and you'll get a pop-up message to link them.
Siri HomePod
Once linked we must know what gestures we can do with our speaker if at any given time we do not want to use the voice commands to talk to Siri. For example, tapping on the top will make it go to the next song that is playing.
If we want to see the advanced options of our smart speaker we simply have to go to the "Home" app and there we will see advanced preferences such as changing the voice, turning off the lights ... 
To invoke Siri we simply have to say "Hey Siri", just like we do in iOS. We can ask Siri to play a random song or a specific song, specifying your favorite artist or group. We can also be very unspecific, asking for a song of a full decade , activating a random mode. At any time you can tell Siri to keep it in your library if you like it. 
In addition to music we can also ask you to play a specific podcast, and specify even the speed we want to reproduce it. We can also ask HomePod about everyday things such as the state of the traffic, ask for information about the weather in a specific location, know sports results, stock prices or conversions of units . Things that can be useful in our day to day.
We can also send text messages through HomePod as well as add a reminder or event to our calendar. These are the most relevant functions of this new smart speaker I recommend you read this Guide if you are interested in knowing all the features it brings . In my opinion they are quite useful but we will have to wait to try it to give a final assessment.

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