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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Apple releases 3 new videos on its YouTube channel

Just a few hours ago, Apple has released 3 new videos on its YouTube channel to show us some features of Photos.
In particular, it is the portrait mode , how to edit a photo in portrait mode and the options of Live Photos .
As always, short, direct and very simple videos, although it is involved in a small controversy, since some media claim that these images would be retouched with Photoshop .

Apple teaches us the Selfie mode

In the first video called "How to shoot a Portrait selfie not iPhone X", what would be translated "how to shoot a selfie portrait with the iPhone". We see how Californians teach us how easy it is to take a portrait photograph with the options that Apple presents in this mode.

Edit a selfie in portrait mode

Here we see how in a few steps, Apple teaches us to edit a photograph made with portrait mode. Once we have made the photograph, we can edit it to select another option, without having to repeat the photograph.
The photographs have to be released at the exact moment, in many cases we can not waste time, so being able to modify the effect after taking the image is quite practical.

Create a loop with Live Photos

This option is interesting, Live Photos captures 1.5 seconds when we capture a photograph. Thanks to this, we can see the previous moments of an image that we have captured.
Photos allows us to select several modes, such as loop, bounce or long exposure . We get these effects by doing a normal photograph, not in portrait mode.
In order to access these options, we simply have to enter our photograph and swipe up , there we will see the available options.

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