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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Apple releases new videos to squeeze the iPhone camera

If we visit Apple's YouTube channel , we will find two new videos to squeeze the camera from our iPhone.
In this case, it is a couple of tips to capture better moments , both using the optical zoom and the type of frame to give another perspective to our photographs.
Both the first and the second are useful . You will see how in a few steps, the photographs go up to another level, all without adding accessories or third-party applications.

New Apple videos

YouTube invests in the creation of its own content
Of course, in the first case, the use of optical zoom, we will need an i Phone X or an iPhone Plus with double lens , either the 7 or 8. The main reason is that to get the effects that you will see below, It is necessary to use the two lenses to get the effect.
Of course, with some app we could get something similar thanks to the power of the edition , but in this case, we are talking about taking a photographic capture without using third-party apps or accessories. As we have commented previously.

Experiment with the subject and the space

In this video of just 22 seconds and a few steps, Apple teaches us a trick quite simple and at the same time very practical. Using a natural environment to capture a more impactful moment, if we see the video, a priori it seems that it will capture a photo without a soul, but looking for a perspective and a movement, we will have a very interesting photograph.

Using the telephoto of our iPhone X

This is when we need an iPhone with double camera to apply the double zoom. The idea is that we can take a photograph with a direct frame to the subject, where the main image will be.
As always, short , direct and very simple videos where Apple offers some very interesting tutorials to get the most out of the camera of our iPhone.

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