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Friday, February 2, 2018

Apple shares fall almost 2.5% after the presentation of economic results

Yesterday, Apple announced its economic results corresponding to Q1 of 2018 that comprise the months of November, December 2017 and January 2018 . In very summary accounts, the revenues of that quarter were the best in the history of Apple, but iPhone sales did not shine, on the contrary, they reduced their sales volume with respect to last year and this has not pleased investors.

Apple shares weaken after the presentation of results

The Exchange is one of the clearest thermometers to see how investors respond to a presentation of results and it seems that it has not liked that the iPhone has not shone especially , because currently the company's shares are falling by almost 2.5 %. 
Apple actions
After the presentation of Q4 of 2017 we could see an increase in the value of the shares of the Cupertino company because the results were really good in all aspects, but in this quarter that was going to be crucial investors have not responded well. Although in revenue it is indisputable that it has been one of the best quarters for the company in sales of iPhone has not been like that.
One million fewer units of iPhone globally is what Apple has sold in this quarter compared to last year, although it has not affected the benefits. Obviously, a much more expensive iPhone causes that although they sell less the benefits are brutal. But how much can they maintain this strategy? Are they going to be raising the price every year? It is unfeasible, and that is why investors are punishing Apple in the stock market. You have to shine in selling many terminals, which in the end is what will keep you afloat.
Last year Apple with two models of iPhone in the market managed to send one million more units to the market than this year that has three devices available . And also, although some insist that the iPhone X has sold a lot, where are the numbers? Tim Cook can say that he has had very good sales, but if something I have learned from this business world, is that the words, words are. We must rely on objective data such as those we saw yesterday to affirm something outright , where no breakdown of the units sold from each terminal was included. When will they be that transparent?
Even saying Tim Cook that the iPhone X has been sold, something that can not be confirmed objectively, investors have not been stupid and make back the value of the action of Apple although it is not falling sharply. We can consider it a touch so that in 2018 from Cupertino they know how to make things better.

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