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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Apple shows where you test the speakers of the iPhone and iPad and also the HomePod

Apple has shown today the laboratories where it performs audio tests on all its products. In these facilities you get to test the quality of the speakers of the iPhone or iPad and of course not your new speaker, the HomePod. With this they want to make known the commitment they put into their products so that they come out with an enormous quality.

This is how the HomePod is tested

Note that the HomePod began to think six years ago and each piece, including the fabric, are custom designed by Apple, so the audio we hope to achieve will be quite good. And to check the quality of the sound Apple performs the various tests in a laboratory that today we have shown.
HomePod test installations
These facilities are characterized by having a camera without echo and a room completely isolated from external noise , so that only the sound of HomePod is heard, so the isolation of this room is spectacular.
According to Gary Geaves, Apple's senior director of audio design and engineering, from his company they have designed one of the best acoustics and the best sound equipment in the world. Something that we must still check with our own ears. 
According to this directive the HomePod is a unique speaker since it has omnidirectional sound and the speakers are located in a cylinder around the entire device. This means that the tests required to hear that everything works well must be much more special, since not only must the sound be tested in one direction, but in all directions. This is what Gary Geaves explained:
Anechoic chambers are a standard tool for the development of a speaker, but it is especially for a product like HomePod where we were really interested in unidirectional behavior. Not only how it sounds in one direction, but in all directions. That is a critical component of the reason why HomePod works the way it does and allows the system to adapt to the environments where it is placed. 
The Apple speaker algorithm has been improved with use. This is the reason why many employees had the pleasure of having it and try it at home to perform these tests that would end up improving the loudspeaker algorithm.

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