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Friday, February 2, 2018

Apple will incorporate a new challenge to Activity on the occasion of the month of the heart

February is the month of the heart and Apple has proposed to launch a new challenge to all Apple Watch users to exercise their hearts. ste challenge in the coming days will be available in the App Activity if you have an Apple Watch we encourage you to do it , because besides the badge will grant you your heart will thank you for sure.

With this new Activity challenge begins to improve your cardiac health

The smart watch from Apple is an incredible accessory to motivate us and exercise by having to complete the rings daily. From Cupertino want to enhance this in this month so significant that we devote traditionally to the heart and between Thursday February 8 and February 14, Valentine's Day, Apple will launch this new challenge.
New Apple Watch would incorporate more sports detection
From Apple present this challenge as follows:
Do something good for the heart and win a prize. Close your exercise ring seven consecutive days, starting on February 8 and ending on February 14.
The challenge is clear, perform daily exercise between the days chosen by Apple,ending the same day of the lovers. If in this range of days you get to complete the exercise ring as you have your scheduled, on February 14 you will receive an animated heart that sure is perfect next to your medals in Activity. You can see this badge in the following image.
Challenge Activity Heart Apple Watch
On February 8, propose to be seven days exercising daily, because in addition to this badge, your heart health will improve, and if you are not used to doing physical activity it may be the right time to start doing it and get the most out of your Apple Watch.

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