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Monday, February 5, 2018

Apple will repair the iPhone 7 with coverage problems for free

After the complaints of the users, Apple has accepted that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , presents a factory problem that makes lose the coverage of these terminals.
Apple is committed to completely free repair of these models, regardless of whether they are under warranty or have been previously repaired.
Luckily, in Spain , we have not had this problem. Apple warns that the affected equipment is sold in the United States, China, Macao, Hong Kong and Japan.

IPhone 7 repair refund

If you have previously made a repair to solve the problem, Apple could return the money , as long as it was in a center authorized by them.
The affected units were manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018 . If you are not sure when your own was manufactured, or from which country it was put on sale at the beginning, Apple makes available to all customers these nomenclatures:
  • To 1660, to 1780 - China
  • To 1660 - Hong Kong, Macao, United States (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands)
  • A 1779 - Japan
If you have purchased your iPhone in some of these countries, either online or while visiting some of these countries, contact Apple to solve the problem.
Apple warns that it could restrict or limit the repair only in the countries where the affected terminal has been sold.
The iPhone warranty will not be extended once repaired, where Apple claims that this program covers the iPhone 7 (and Plus model) affected by 2 years after its first sale.
To proceed with the repair, Apple will contact the affected customers by email . But only for those who have already made a repair on their own, to proceed with a refund.
If you have not received this email before the end of March of this year, you should contact Apple to communicate through its website or from the technical support application.

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