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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Apple works on a single session initiation on websites based on iCloud

iOS 11.3 comes in the spring with some superficial news like new animojis or more tools for developers to make better ARKit applications. But we have also seen small touches of other features that Apple will incorporate in the future as an update to iBooks and now developers have discovered that Apple is developing a new method of single sign-on through iCloud. 

Logging in to a third party website with your Apple ID will soon be possible

In the iOS 11.3 code, a component called SecureChannel appeared that would be directly related to the development of a method to login to websites using the Apple ID. Through SecureChannel these websites will access our personal data although it is not clear to which data in particular.
Single iCloud session
This start of a single session we can see in many third-party websites that gives you the option to log in with your Google account or a social network, and so you must not create a user and fill in your personal information wasting your time.
Currently we see similar functionality on the Apple TV and can access different applications without having to enter our data again and again. This they want to transfer to the rest of the ecosystem, to Safari in general.
In addition to this, there is also evidence that point to that we may be short of a QR code that takes us to a website, and requires us directly our Apple ID to access our user account.
For me this new functionality is very interesting because it will save us time when it comes to logging on to third party websites. I just hope that the security is optimal and there is no problem in the future so we can trust to log in with our Apple ID and not waste time.

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