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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Discover these two irresistible offers for the iPhone X

Today we have found a very interesting offer for the iPhone X , both for the 256 model and 64 GB.
This model has a higher price compared to the other models, Apple has sold less iPhone this year, but thanks to the price increase, the accounts have turned out well in the last fiscal report .
Therefore, any offer or discount that we find, is very beneficial for the client, so we bring you these two offers for your use and enjoyment.

iPhone X reduced

iPhone X White
Specifically, browsing Amazon, we have seen an iPhone 256 GB for a very interesting price, much lower than the 64 GB model That is, well below the official price of Apple.
If, on the contrary, you think that capacity is excessive for your daily use, you have the opportunity to get an iPhone X 64 Gb for less than 980 euros. Yes, you will have shipping costs, but you will still pay much less than in the official Apple store.
If you are thinking of buying a new Apple terminal, now is an excellent opportunity. Thanks to these discounts, you can choose to hire the AppleCare service or buy a case of your liking .
The models that are offered are as much for the one of silver color as for the space gray, both of 64 or 256 GB . The delivery would be effective in about 3 or 5 days, at least at the time of publication of this article.
This terminal is the latest model launched by Apple, a terminal that breaks with the established design that we have known over the last few years, with a front that is all screen and the new facial recognition system Face ID.
Of course, you'll also have the famous Animoji , which are a unique feature of the new iPhone X .

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