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Sunday, February 4, 2018

FREE tab for a limited time for iOS and Mac

Tabula allows us a minimalist writing and without distractions, but to an extreme level.
We found nothing but a white background and our own text, the app uses an algorithmto learn when we are using a title, a list or even columns.
The main idea is that you do not get distracted by anything , not even to edit the text when you finish writing it.

Tabula for iOS and MAC

'Tab iOS
Thanks to its integration in iCloud , we will have our texts always available from any device. Being cross-platform, we can start a text on the iPhone or iPad and finish it on our Mac if we wish.
The main idea of ​​this app is that when you finish writing, you're done . This is what the developers say. It is true that many times when you are writing a document, the most lazy part can give you, format the text, this is where Tabula comes into action.
Beware, it can be used to write from the shopping list to class notes , through financial reports or publications for a blog. Tabula is designed so that it can be used in any field.

Its most notable characteristics are the following:

'Tabula for iPad
  • View your content without distractions, with live preview
  • Automatic detection and formatting of headlines, lists, tables, links and more
  • Export HTML or PDF files on a variety of topics
  • iCloud Sync (or store documents on the device if you prefer)
  • Improvements in the editor's keyboard for easier editing
  • Clean interface that slides as you type
  • Night mode
  • Universal application for all iOS devices
The possibility of having an interface with a night mode is interesting for users who prefer to write in a low-light environment, thus fatigue will be much lower.
If you were looking for a universal writing application , which can be synchronized in all your devices and that is free , now is your opportunity, although for a limited time,  Tabula can be an excellent option.

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