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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

iOS 11.3 beta 2 includes health information for our battery

Today has been released the second beta of iOS 11.3 including a fairly significant novelty that we hope will end up stretching. I am referring to a section that will give us information about the status of our battery but for now this information is quite scarce and I hope that beta after beta is including more important information.

In iOS 11.3 you will know how your battery is

Users already complained to Apple to give us a chance to know how our battery was to know if it required a change or not . We usually looked for this information in third-party applications such as Battery Life, but it is always better to have the information in a native way. Then I leave an image of the information shown for now.
State Battery iPhone X
As we see they start remembering that the batteries end up wearing out, something that is totally obvious, but it never hurts to remember it . After this information we find a section where it tells us about the maximum capacity of our battery, that is, the amount of mAh that can be recharged in a normal load. If it is 100% is that the battery can be fully recharged, and if it is somewhat smaller because the autonomy will be less because the battery will not have all the capacity it offers exploited, as a result of the passage of time.
After this we have a section dedicated to "Maximum performance capacity" . He personally does not let me enter this option when giving him. I do not know if it's because my iPhone has normal performance and normal battery capacity. But this could be the option to modify the performance of our terminal to have more or less autonomy, something already announced. As I say, it does not give me more information, I do not know if it is because we will see it in future betas or my device does not have that problem.
And of course, I miss a lot of information on this screen. The load cycles I think is something that should be on this screen. I would also like to have a bar that tells me the amount of mAh our battery has and the concrete capacity it has, and not a percentage. And to ask then add the temperature or the voltage of our battery would also be quite interesting. 
As I say at the beginning is a simple beta, and there is still much to develop and I hope that this information is offered by Apple to avoid using other applications if you give it to us. Leave me in the comments box that you would add to this health information window of your battery.

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