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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Is Apple silencing those affected by the slowdown of their iPhone?

Two days ago we talked to you at NewCydiaTweaks about the creation of an affected platform in Spain due to the case of the hidden iPhone slowdown that has affected numerous users in our country. This platform, in theory boarded by more than 50 lawyers, has today denounced the silencing of their messages on social networks, is this platform being silenced for wanting to seek justice for a serious problem that Apple tried to hide?

Apple preventing users from taking legal action against them?

There are already many countries in which there are affected platforms to file class actions against Apple in this case, such as the US or Italy . In Spain the appearance of these platforms is rare, but at last a Spanish law firm has been launched.
Apple tests 5G technology
Apple company logo
The first steps of this law firm have already begun, presenting in the Courts of Madrid the first complaints against Apple in Spain. Even FACUA affirmed that it was going to sue Apple in Spain for Spain, so it is nothing that is taken out of context.
This Platform of Affected of Apple has denounced today in a note in the press of the attempt that Apple is doing to avoid that they spread his presence through different social networks like Facebook. Obviously Apple is not interested in users complaining against them, although there have already been many owners of affected devices here in Spain who have contacted this platform.
Apple mute users
To make this platform known and offer its services to the users we remember, they are fully entitled to exercise legal actions, they have wanted to advertise on Apple fan pages, but their publications have been marked as SPAM, as you can see. in the upper image.
Although they want to silence this platform, those responsible have stated that in no case will it succeed in paralyzing the action in defense of the interests of the adherents to it".

So if you're interested in getting in touch with this Platform of Affected People or you can do it from here . Do not let them take away the right to defend you, when a company has done something really wrong.

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