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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Repairing the HomePod will cost almost the same as buying a new one

Today HomePod has begun to reach the first lucky ones to have this new smart speaker from Apple, although according to the first reviews it is not as smart as they wanted to sell us, but it does have a brilliant sound quality. This should check if we can get one with New , but we have to be careful, because if something happens the repair will cost almost the same as buying a new one, are you surprised?

Repair the HomePod or buy a new one?

Today, MacRumors has exclusively launched the HomePod support website that was launched today, where we can see how much it will cost to repair and replace a unit that is out of warranty: $ 279, or whatever it is, 70 $ dollars less than a totally new unit that is at $ 349.
In addition to the cost of the repair itself, Apple may also require the customer, in appropriate cases, $ 20 in shipping costs, plus the respective taxes. That is, the repair in the worst case will be for $ 300, $ 50 less than a totally new unit.
This worries us, because the repair is very expensive. If a user breaks the power cable or a part of the outer fabric, it will have a severe problem, because you will have to pay the value of a new one. Although according to Apple Store sources, the power cord will be removable even if the user can not remove it, a technician can remove it.
So, looking at these repair prices, if something happens to our smart speaker from Apple, the smartest solution is to throw it away and buy an entirely new one, because the difference between repairing it and a new one is laughable. All this if it is not in guarantee.
That's right, why does it put these Apple prices so abusive to repair them? To hire the AppleCare + plan for two years, since "only" will cost you $ 39.The one who has had this idea in Apple surely have put a monument. So my recommendation if this loudspeaker arrives in your countries is to hire Apple's extended warranty to avoid unnecessary scares.

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