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Sunday, February 11, 2018

So you can light up the Apple logo on your iPhone, but we do not recommend it

Several years ago, changing the housing of the iPhone 4 or 4s to make the logo of the apple light up was the order of the day, now it seems that it is more complicated to see it (and to do it).
But a user wants to show us how we can get it nothing more or nothing less than an iPhone X and an iPhone 8 . The process is not easy, so do not be curious, because you could be without an iPhone.
The video in question, shows us the whole process , and the truth that even hurts to see when they disembowel the iPhone, despite the professionalism of the technician who does it.

iPhone with illuminated logo

The process "basically" is to disassemble the iPhone, cut the apple from the back cover and add a panel with several LEDs that light up permanently, at least while the screen is connected. Although in the video we will see another less dramatic method.
Both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 that we see in the video, have had a positive result , that is, everything works properly and also have the Apple logo illuminated. This is already about tastes, never better said about tastes, colors.
Illuminated iPhone X Apple logo
On a practical level it does not help, but as we insist, it is curious , it may be annoying permanently, but if you like this type of modifications and that people know that you carry an iPhone tens of meters away , then you will enjoy it a lot. 
Of course, if you dare, be someone as professional as possible, as the technician who made this change, although good, at some point in the video gives strong and loose with the cutter to the apple and some scratches remain.

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