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Friday, February 2, 2018

Steve Wozniak has a problem with the iPhone X and does not shut up

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was adamant that he did not like the iPhone X ,and would use an iPhone 8 Plus in his day-to-day life, although he would follow the iPhone X closely because his wife would have booked one in his day. But Tim Cook sent him an iPhone X as a gift so he could prove it as he said last month.

Is Steve Wozniak a real problem?

This gift seems not to have given much importance because he has not given any opinion about the iPhone X, so far has shown his dissatisfaction in one of the features of Apple's flagship in a talk he gave last week in Stockholm where He counted one of the biggest frustrations he has had with Apple's flagship. 
Business Insider has collected the words he had on the iPhone X last week at this Forum in Stockholm. In the talk he compared a personal frustration in the business world with a facet of the iPhone X that does not convince him.  Specifically his words were:
The power button on the side does different things if you click on it quickly, or if you click twice, and a different thing if you click a third time. And if you press it with the volume button it does something else. And if you press and hold the volume button, it does something else. Simply, uf!
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak  does not think anything intuitive that the side button has several functions so varied and that the user has to remember what combination to use to perform a specific action. For him, this breaks with the essence of Apple is to do something simple and intuitive for the user.
For me it does not seem very confusing to me the system that Apple has, which solved the removal of the Home button, although you have to remember several combinations of buttons to turn off the device or perform a forced restart. What do you think about the statements of Steve Wozniak?

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