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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Chalkspiration app for iOS becomes FREE for a limited time

Chalkspiration is a very interesting application that also has a version for Mac. The one we present today is valid for both iPhone and iPad, where you can download for free for a limited time.
Thanks to this app, we can make drawings to notations exactly as if we did it on a blackboard with a chalk , being able to create authentic works of art using a simple chalk.
The developers define it as "old school drawings" , the realism that it presents is quite interesting. Used on an iPad, it gives the feeling that we are actually writing on a blackboard, of course, without the drawbacks of this.

Characteristics of Chalkspiration

As we have said before, there is an app for Mac , but there is no price reduction, currently has a cost of about 9 euros , the cost is iOS is somewhat lower, but now that it is free , it becomes a must download.
  • Two styles of chalk: one that shades on the inside of the lines and one that shades on the outside
  • A library of ornaments, banners, decorations and dividers
  • A way to add and edit text from the application
  • A powerful brush to color chalk
  • An erasing brush to remove unwanted chalk from images and clipart
  • A variety of dusty looking slates
  • The ability to add multiple images and your personal images
  • The ability to resize, flip and rotate images and clipart from within the application
  • A variety of customizable presets and templates
  • One way to save your project in a preset for future use
In addition to these features,  Chalkspiration is completely customizable, both in color, texture, intensity or detail of the contours. Undoubtedly, a good application that will surely take a lot of advantage with the Apple Pencil.

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