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Sunday, February 11, 2018

The co-founder of Sonos praises the excellent audio quality of HomePod

One of HomePod's biggest competitors are Sotos products. Although Apple sells its speakers in the Apple Store, the rivalry is in the market as both companies compete to have the highest market share. We just need to see the Spotify list that Sonos dedicated to Apple with a hidden message for the Cupertino company to make a mockery of not supporting Spotify.

The co-founder of Apple ends up praising HomePod, but ...

Today the co-founder and ex-CEO of Sonos has shared his first impressions on HomePod on his Twitter account, and they have been quite good. MacFarlane highlighted the enormous quality of the HomePod configuration and its packaging, which is fantastic in all Apple products.
Got my HomePod. First impressions...
Good packaging, easy setup.
Great sound. No clipping at volume.
A little heavy on the bass (Jimmy Iovine effect).

Handily beats a single Sonos One, at full, acoustically.
Two Sonos Ones, in pair, do a superior job.

Great start by Apple.
In audio quality it was not left behind, because he affirmed that the HomePod offers a "great sound and without any type of cut in the volume" , although everything is not good since reaching a small detail to the Apple speaker, he believes that the bass is quite heavy. 
Something that McFarlane has also said and that has caught my attention is that although you have the maximum volume, if you invoke Siri with the "Hey Siri", it will respond. And continuing with the intelligence of the HomePod speaker, he wanted to emphasize that he does not support Spotify, one of the world's great music streaming platforms.
Although it is true that we play a song on Spotify on our iOS device or on our Mac, through AirPlay it will play on HomePod, but this is not a solution. Ideally, Spotify should be given support as it is given to Apple's native application, Music, and if you tell Siri to play a Spotify song, do so.
I hope that in a future update this can be done, especially with the arrival of iOS 12, making Smart HomePod more intelligent and not imposing the streaming music service of the company of the bitten apple . I think that this is a beginning and that in the future they will end up opening it to other music platforms, at this moment it will be a great purchase without a doubt.

And finally, the co-founder of Sonos has come to say that the HomePod far exceeds some models of Sonos and the question of whether an Apple speaker or a Sonos, does not know what to answer.

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