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Friday, February 9, 2018

The code of iBoot uncovered, one of the modules responsible for security in iOS

The security problems at Apple do not stop surfacing. The operating system of Apple enjoyed the advantage of having the vast majority of its code completely hidden, although it has some parts like its kernel that have it open to the public. Having the hidden code is basically for security reasons, especially that of the iBoot module that is vital for the security of iOS, but unfortunately this module is no longer hidden since today we have known that it has been leaked.

The code of iBoot is revealed, does it affect us?

That the iBoot code has been leaked is something quite worrying for the users, since it is a part of the basic iOS code to control the security of the system, avoiding that unsigned versions of iOS are installed, and always being in an authentic version released. for Apple.
After this filtering of the security codes of the Touch ID, it is demonstrated that Apple is not immune to the dangers that lurk on the Internet.
The code of this module has been published by an anonymous user on GitHub . This filtration is not new, because the rumor had been on Reddit for several months, but until today it had not been published on GitHub in the eyes of all. Apple has asked those responsible for this website to remove this information beforehand, although we already know that on the internet when you publish something it is very difficult to make it disappear.
With this code visible to all, security experts are going to start investigating, something that Apple has never allowed anyone. The bad thing is not that the security researchers analyze it, but that the hackers analyze it to be able to find vulnerabilities and make a jailbreak. Well, even if it is a part of the iOS 9 code, it is believed that it can be extrapolated to iOS 11, because they share code after all.
We must see in these months as this issue evolves, and the measures that Apple will take to avoid a leak like this again. It is noted that for the Cupertino company this is not the best time in terms of security.

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