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Monday, February 5, 2018

The iPhone of 2018 would only have Intel chips, leaving Qualcomm

The legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple is more than famous, and this will take its toll on Qualcomm, since Cupertino would stop having their chips in the future iPhone, staying only with Intel as they have said in the media. KGI Something that may seem logical, but there are many years of this legal confrontation and Apple has not abandoned the chip production company until this year.

Will Apple leave Qualcomm for Intel?

Since the iPhone 7 Apple shared the supply of band chip for all the iPhone between Intel and Qualcomm, but this year this will change since they will stay only with Intel, something that was already taking place.
Qualcomm vs Apple
Qualcomm and Apple in battle declared for months
According to KGI, Apple would have chosen Intel because prices are much more competitive and has a better product , offering higher LTE transmission speed, something that benefits all users.
But Ming Chi-Kuo also believes that one of the points to solve the legal problems with patents will be to return the production to Qualcomm , so this change of supply chain can only be temporary, and that it works as a measure of pressure on Qualcomm accounts.
In addition, according to KGI, Intel is not yet ready to incorporate 5G technology into its chip, something that Qualcomm would be much more advanced, so Cupertino would also end up opting for this company to have more data transmission in the devices, adapting before the competition to compatibility with 5G networks.

We must see if this year is when Apple decides to kick one of his legal enemies, but in the end it's all business. Even if they are facing each other in public on their backs, they will shake hands, like Samsung and Apple?

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